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AP Calculus AB

12 Videos

Prerequisite: Proficiency in Algebra 1 (More information about this in the first video)

Description: Learn the concepts covered in AP Calculus AB in just 12 short videos! This course covers evaluating limits and derivatives, finding area under the curve, integrals, integration methods, and applications including Riemann sum, average value, related rates, minima-maxima, differential equations, and more.

Java Fundamentals

10 Videos

Recommended: Grade 6 or Above

No prior experience in programming is necessary

Description: The contents of this course include giving output, taking input, variable types, loops, conditionals, arrays, 2D arrays, arraylists, and methods. Upon completing the course, you will be able to advance to AP Computer Science A.

AP Computer Science A

11 Videos

Prerequisite: Java Fundamentals

Description: This course covers the topics on the AP Computer Science A exam, including classes and objects, methods within classes, searching algorithms, sorting algorithms, recursion, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, and interfaces. This course also includes exam preparation, using real questions from previous exams.


Physics (Mechanics)

9 Videos

Recommended: Proficiency in Geometry

Description: The topics of this course include kinematics, forces, Newton's three laws of motion, impulse and momentum, elasticity, energy, relative motion, projectile motion, circular motion, and spring motion.

AP Statistics

1 Video

Description: One video covering the whole content of AP Statistics, including planning and conducting statistical studies, reporting data, distributions, statistical inference, linear regression, and probability.

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