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  1. Nurture leadership skills in teens; mainly through community engagement

  2. Help the Asian American community members to learn how to become medical professionals in the United States:

  • Through lectures that focus on how to overcome obstacles that are laid out on that road. More than 3,000 families participate in the lectures. 

  • Provides shadowing opportunities in clinics, hospitals, and lab research for young teens

3. Teen mental health education:

  • Lectures about a teen’s mental health are provided by psychiatrists to local communities; addressing depression and suicidal risks among teens

  • Promote education in a healthy and positive mindset

  • Teach parents and other family members how to maintain healthy relationships with teens

4. Work  During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic:

  • More than 20 teens participated in a PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) donation project, in which they delivered masks to churches, police and fire departments, nursing homes, and other organizations such as the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.

  • Pandemic Zoom Summer 2020 Camp:  As part of one of the SCAPE Next Generation projects, students/teens participated as volunteer tutors and advanced their leadership, social, and teaching skills.

  • Over 500 students, within and outside the United States, signed up for the camp

  • Provided tutoring in: 

  • Spoken English

  • Introduction to Algebra

  • Algebra 2

  • Public Speaking

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Introduction to Calculus

  • Basic Life Science (Cells)

  • Code and Cipher 

5. Future Plan:

  • Set a 2nd Zoom Camp into motion, plan long term, and become fully led by the youth themselves

  • Expand Project to more people

  • More leadership training lectures (Case-based Study)

  • Entrepreneurship

6. Provide teens with an opportunity to apply for the President’s Volunteer Service Award

  • 11 volunteers were awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) 2020: Will Bao, Elaine Bao, Reena Chen, Richard Chen, Carly Jia, Andy Jia, Jesse Li, Angela Ren, Matthew Ren, Christine Wu, and Harold Wang.

Accomplishments: Text
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