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Our Mission

The Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs (SCAPE) Next Generation Project strives to offer an innovative and effective way for everyone to receive a free education. Our courses are very short, yet generally cover the entire content of a course that is often a yearlong course in school. In addition, many of our courses are flexible, allow students to go at their own pace, and allow students to seek help whenever they need it.

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History of SCAPENEXT Camps

The first camp of SCAPE Next Generation was held in the summer of 2020 and had 8 Zoom Courses. Since then, there have been several camps, with the advent of YouTube Courses being in the summer camp of 2021. Each camp has been a success. Feedback from parents, students, and volunteers can help conclude that the students are very engaged and often finish each video/meeting with newly acquired knowledge.

Home: Who We Are

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